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"Its not about how many steps they take,  for me, its about how many good decisions they make."   
           -Isaac Johnson


The "Camps"

We are excited to offer participation in Rockin X to all levels of aspiring horsemen and women.

  • These camps are set up to serve several purposes:

    • Provide a shorter term immersive learning environment for all levels of horsemen and women

    • Allows individuals that are interested in participate in the academy a chance to apply in person. Applicants that attend a camp will be given priority over those that apply online

    • Helps individuals progress with their horsemanship and apply it to any activity

    • Gives people a chance to focus on their own education and personal horses

  • Some of the benefits of using these camps as an individuals application into the academy include:

    • Find out if the academy is a good fit

    • Gain knowledge and skills during the application process

    • Helps Rockin X better evaluate each person to ensure greater success for the program, participants, and horses

    • If not accepted, individuals will understand what they can improve on to help them have better success in the future

    • There will be no colt starting in the camps for now

Each person will participate all day for three days at $800 per person.

9 AM - 12 PM

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

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Camp dates 2024

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